While Conducting Experiments On Plants In A Delaware State Park In Pursuit Of Her Master’s Degree, She Was Fatally Shot: It’s Now Been 40 Years, And Authorities Still Haven’t Tracked Down Her Killer

It wasn’t unusual that there were several hunters in the woods the day Jane died, but authorities had a strong feeling her death was not accidental. They interviewed hundreds of people and closely analyzed the bullets that had killed her but came up empty.

After interviewing the squirrel hunter who came forward, police found inconsistencies with his story from that day and eventually arrested him and charged him with first-degree murder and possession of a deadly weapon that October.

Investigators did find a strand of hair at the crime scene, which was one of the only valuable pieces of evidence that could connect them to Jane’s murder they had. However, DNA technology was fairly new during that time, and scientists found no match for the hair. Eventually, the squirrel hunter was released and dropped as a suspect in 1987.

Jane’s case remains unsolved, but local police are still asking the public for any bit of information they may have, as in 2014, they announced they’d be bringing in a new set of eyes on the case with the founding of a new cold case homicide squad.

While there still is no clear answer as to who is responsible for Jane’s tragic and untimely death, her loved ones and local authorities still hold out hope for justice and closure.

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