Wow Your Holiday Guests With This Cute Christmas Dessert Board That Will Steal The Show And Secure Your Title Of Sweetest Host This Season

TikTok - @valgejahelge

Come Christmastime, desserts are the star of the party, capturing the magic of the holiday season and bringing folks closer together.

A strategically assembled dessert board overflowing with an abundance of goodies can be shared with a crowd. Prepare it in advance, so dessert can be ready whenever you are!

TikToker Sigrid (@valgejahelge) is making the cutest dessert board for Christmas. With a mix of homemade and store-bought sweets, this spread contains something that will tempt family and friends of all ages.

The first step is to have a proper surface to serve your treats on so you can create the most stunning display possible. Large wooden boards, ceramic platters, and fancy silver trays can all be used as the foundation for your sugary masterpiece. The bigger the board, the more room you have for variety.

For the nibbles, she started by whipping up snowman cake pops. First, she dipped the chocolate balls into a bowl of melted white candy melts and placed them on a piece of parchment paper. After letting them dry, she used an edible marker to draw on the snowmen’s faces.

Then, she transferred them to a plate and moved on to the second component of the dessert board: chocolate Christmas trees.

On another piece of parchment paper, she laid out wooden sticks a few inches apart from each other. Then, she drizzled a small saucepan filled with melted chocolate back and forth to create the shape of a Christmas tree, adding white sprinkles to look like a dusting of snow.

Next up were the marshmallow snowmen. Just like with the cake pops, use an edible marker to draw on the faces. All that’s left to do is to assemble the dessert board.

Arrange the chocolate Christmas trees and cake pops on the serving tray, along with some pre-packaged holiday-themed sweets in various containers.

TikTok – @valgejahelge

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