He Called His Wife Fat While Talking To A Coworker, And His Coworker Freaked Out

“She got really red in the face and started telling me I wasn’t allowed to call my wife fat, that I was insulting her, and that my wife was beautiful and curvy,” he recalled.

“Carol doesn’t like being called curvy. She thinks it’s a label used to avoid calling people fat because it’s a dirty word to most people. I told Julia as much.”

Julia was horrified by his comments and began threatening to DM Carol on Instagram and let her know he was calling her fat in front of everyone.

He beat Julia to the punch and called Carol on the spot. He put her on speakerphone and asked if she preferred to be called curvy or fat. 

Carol explained she was “fat and beautiful” and didn’t like being called curvy. While he hoped that would make Julia feel better, it didn’t.

“As soon as I [hung up], Julia went mental,” he remembered.

“She started screaming that I was abusing my wife. When I asked how she said I was clearly brainwashing her into accepting the term fat to try to keep her complacent and from getting away from me. [She said] that no woman in her right mind could be okay with their husband calling them fat.”

Julia stormed off after her outburst and hasn’t spoken to him since. A few days later, he got an email from HR stating that they’d like to meet with him.

He never intended for this to become such a big deal. He only wanted his wife to inspire Julia to feel more confident in her own skin. 

Was he wrong to call his wife ‘fat’ in front of his coworkers, or was Julia overreacting?

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