He Ended His Engagement After His Fiancée Asked Him For An Open Marriage

halayalex - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Ten months ago, this 27-year-old man proposed to his fiancée, who is the same age as him. They have been together for five years in total, and they have so many commonalities.

He loves his fiancée, and after he proposed to her, their families were elated about their upcoming marriage.

All of their loved ones have been overjoyed with helping plan out the wedding, and even though he’s not that into the whole process, he has been excited about everything too.

A few nights ago, he was eating dinner with his fiancée, and he questioned her about if her uncle had said yes to being their officiant.

“She just looked at me with this weird look on her face, and then she asked what did I think about [an] open marriage,” he explained.

“I was surprised! Call me old school on this mindset, but I believe when you’re going to marry a person, you are committing to that person for life and that there [is] nobody else in that marriage but you and that person.”

“I told her exactly this, and she said we were still young, and she loves me and wants to marry me and eventually have children, but she hasn’t had much experience before our relationship.”

He followed up by asking his fiancée why that was wrong, but she talked over him and kept asking if he would be down for an open marriage.

He told his fiancée he was not alright with that, especially since he just took the time to tell her about his feelings.

halayalex – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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