He Told His Sister That She Needs To Get A Job And Move Out Of His House With Her Baby By April

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This 27-year-old man’s sister, Alexis, who is 25, had a baby boy last year. He is engaged to a woman named Sophie, who is 26. Alexis wasn’t dating the man who got her pregnant, so even before the birth, she knew that she would be a single mother.

Sometimes, the father of her baby visits the baby, and he pays her child support. Alexis and the father came up with the amount he would pay on their own prior to the birth, but the amount isn’t substantial. A lot more money would be required to support a baby.

Two weeks after Alexis had her baby, she told him that she was struggling and needed help. It was too difficult for her to parent completely on her own.

Their other siblings still live with their parents, so there wouldn’t be enough space for Alexis and her son to move in, too.

So, Alexis asked him if he would let her and her son live with him for several weeks while she heals and gets into a groove with single parenthood. At first, he assumed that Sophie wouldn’t want Alexis and her son to live with them for a long time.

But when he mentioned the idea to Sophie, she told him that she empathized with Alexis’ situation and would feel terrible if they didn’t support her during this tough time. Now, Alexis and her son have been living with him and Sophie for 10 months.

“Neither of us expected her to stay this long, but whenever we’d have a discussion with Alexis about whether she was planning on finding a place and going back to work, she’d rant about how hard motherhood is and how she could not fathom adding something else to her plate,” he said.

He sees Alexis’ perspective because his nephew cries a lot and doesn’t sleep regularly. However, he and Sophie can’t handle this situation anymore.

Their entire world has been turned upside down so that they can allow space for Alexis and her son, and there isn’t that much space available.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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