He Took His Teen Daughter To Get A Nose Job Consultation For Her Birthday

“I can see why; we’ve both got absolutely huge, crooked noses. She does rather suit it, [though]. It compliments her face well, especially her lips and big eyes.”

“I’ve put my own opinions on her nose aside, and for her seventeenth birthday, I managed to get her an appointment to get her nose done.”

He took his daughter on a trip to the city for her birthday, where she had a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Where they’re from, those under 18 cannot get nose jobs without their surgery being approved by a surgeon. After the consultation, he and Sally visited a museum and had a nice bonding day.

When he brought Sally back to Noah’s house, he told Noah and his wife Sally’s plastic surgery had been approved.

“Noah ended up getting upset and angry,” he recalled.

“He said that I had no right to alter Sally’s appearance, and her mum agreed, saying that Sal should learn to love her insecurities rather than rush into surgery. I told them that I wasn’t altering her appointment. Sal has wanted a nose job; that’s her prerogative.”

He feels Sally shouldn’t have to walk around with a nose that makes her feel insecure and shouldn’t be forced to accept it if she doesn’t want to.

Since their initial argument, Noah and his wife have been cold towards him. When he talked to his girlfriend about the incident, she agreed with Noah, saying that while it was nice to offer to pay for Sally’s surgery, he should’ve told her to wait until she was at least in her 20s.

Was he wrong to set up his daughter’s nose job?

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