He Was Forced To Hit His Neighbor’s Dog After It Started Attacking His Puppy, But Now His Neighbor Wants Him To Pay The Vet Bill

Svetlana - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

In the fall, this man sadly lost both of his beloved pet dogs. One of his pups was older, so he knew the end was near. But then, his second dog just stopped eating after his first pup died.

“After four days of this, I took my dog to the vet, and he had pretty advanced stomach cancer. It almost seemed like he was sticking around for his buddy,” he recalled.

The loss of both of his pets was pretty heart-wrenching, too, especially since he always loved having a dog around the house.

That’s why, one month following the loss of his second dog, he went to a local rescue and found a “tiny little mutt” that was up for adoption.

The female puppy was only six-months-old and weighed just six pounds at the time. So, he decided to take her home, and ever since, he claimed that she’d been an awesome pet.

However, he has a neighbor who owns a large Rottweiler, and normally, their yards are separated by a six-foot wooden fence. Well, somehow, the Rottweiler was able to get into his yard recently and actually attacked his puppy.

“It grabbed her by the back of the neck and was shaking her,” he revealed.

Then, once he realized what was going on, he ran outside and hit the Rottweiler pretty hard to break up the attack. At that point, he admitted that the Rottweiler “yelped” and let go of his puppy.

Afterward, he wrapped his pup in a towel and raced her to the emergency veterinarian. She wound up being fine, but she was very shaken up and still needed to get a few stitches.

Svetlana – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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