Her Best Friend Kicked Her Out Of Her Bridal Party And Said She Was Trying To “Out Friend” The Other Girls On The Bachelorette Trip

shchus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old woman has a best friend named Sarah, who is the same age as her, and they have been close for more than ten years now.

They were basically glued to the hip when they were kids, but after they graduated from high school, they were no longer as close.

She went into the military while Sarah attended college. They briefly kept in contact as the years wore on, and they didn’t see one another in person very much throughout that time period.

As they drifted, she figured it was because their lives were no longer so similar. When she did visit Sarah, it was as if no time had elapsed at all, and there was no space between them.

Sarah got engaged a year ago, and they were both so elated. She only met the guy one time, but he seemed sweet, and she was just excited that Sarah was so overjoyed.

Then, Sarah asked her to be her bridesmaid and make-up artist for the wedding too. Last weekend was Sarah’s bachelorette party, and she left college on the opposite side of the country to be there for the festivities.

The trip lasted all weekend, and Sarah’s sisters and some of her friends came along too. She only knew Sarah and Sarah’s sisters; she did not know any of the other girls who were invited.

“It’s important to note that I am extremely socially awkward, but with the new medication I’m on, I talk and don’t know when to stop,” she explained.

“From my perspective everything is going great. I’m interacting with people, I go out of my way to be kind and considerate of everyone around me.”

shchus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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