Her Boyfriend Hates Her Cooking And It’s Making Her Feel Terrible

Seventyfour - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Seven months ago, this 32-year-old woman started dating her 32-year-old boyfriend. She adores cooking, and she grew up doing this with her family.

Her mom is a great chef, and all of her siblings have turned out to be talented in the kitchen as well.

Never have any of her loved ones said that her cooking isn’t good, though she did have one previous boyfriend indicate to her he wasn’t a big fan of what she can whip up.

What she means by this is that her old boyfriend would reluctantly tuck into dishes she made on occasion and would say what she made wasn’t in line with his tastes.

There are dishes she enjoys cooking more than others; for instance, she’s not that into potatoes or steak.

She loves to make stir fry, soup, chicken, vegetables, and fish, and she has a ton of recipes she creates for events she attends. She even managed to win some prizes at her local fair when she was younger for her cooking.

“Mapo tofu, chicken tortilla soup, sushi bake, chicken cacciatore, dairy and gluten-free red velvet cake spun from my great-great grandmother’s recipe that wasn’t, sushi bake, fajitas of every kind, chicken and gnocchi, butternut squash soup; the list goes on,” she explained.

“I also learned this year to water bath can and have preserved my own salsas and apple pie fillings with produce I picked. And then I met this guy. He is also a good cook but in particularly different ways.”

“He loves to use the air fryer for anything, even taco meat (which I find terrible). Everything for him is a rice base, then add mixed greens, and whatever meat. Or diced or mashed potatoes. Or he will request a whole 30 recipe when I ask what he wants for dinner and am meal planning for the week.”

Seventyfour – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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