His Wife’s Business Failed, So He’s Been Covering All Of Their Expenses, But He Won’t Help His Wife Pay For Any Additional Luxuries, And She Thinks He’s Being Unsupportive

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This 30-year-old guy and his wife, who is 29, have been married for a decade, but at the start of their marriage, his wife was insistent upon keeping their finances separate. Apparently, she just wanted to maintain her independence.

He tried to convince her to at least open a joint account while still keeping their individual bank accounts.

However, his wife still wouldn’t budge, so he was forced to go along with her wishes– even though it did bother him a little.

It’s almost important to note that he earns a lot more money than his wife, which is why he’s always covered the bulk of their household expenses– including rent, water, electricity, and internet. His wife, on the other hand, paid for smaller expenses, such as gas and groceries.

“She also spent a lot on things I considered unnecessary, like clothes, shoes, makeup, etc.,” he said.

Then, about two years ago, his wife and her sister wanted to start a business together. So, they got a loan from the bank and invested all of their money into the idea.

Now, he knew it was a risky venture. Nonetheless, he never spoke up and voiced his concerns because his wife and her sister claimed to know what they were doing.

Unfortunately, though, his wife’s business never succeeded. It was never able to attract a sustainable amount of clients, and the company started to take on debt.

His wife and her sister also tried to renegotiate their loan terms with the bank but were unsuccessful. Plus, they still didn’t want to shut down the business in hopes that things would get better.

Summit Art Creations – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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