How To Overcome Your Jealousy And Put On A Smile When You’re Single Yet All Your Friends Are Getting Married

I think something that fuels jealousy like nothing else is comparison. When you compare your single life to your friend’s engaged life, you’ll likely start to feel upset and then more jealous or even angry. Listen to me when I tell you you must stop comparing yourself to your friends.

As corny as it sounds, everyone is on their own journey. Just because your friend got engaged before you or found their “happily ever after” earlier than expected doesn’t mean it’s in the cards for you.

Look on the bright side

To curb those feelings of jealousy, it’s a good idea to remind yourself of all the good things you have going for you. You’ll continue to have much more freedom than your married friends and time to improve yourself, step up your career and achieve your personal goals. 

Just because your friends may be taking the next step in their journeys doesn’t mean yours suddenly stops.

Remember what you love about your friends

When we’re jealous of our friends, whether because they got engaged or got a cool new job, we tend to cloud our heads with negative thoughts about them and pay less attention to what we love about them. 

The next time you meet up with your engaged friends, clear your mind and remember why you love them and why you love spending time with them. Look beyond all that wedding cheer and focus on why you choose to have them in your life.

Be kind to yourself

If your friend’s engagement really is messing with you to the point where you’ve started to feel a little depressed or delusional, give yourself some time to rest and relax. Be gentle with yourself and try your best to focus on the other positive aspects of your life. 

Practice some self-care and let your friends know when you need a break from all the wedding hoopla. You’re only human; it’s okay! Wedding season can be rough for single folk, especially when it’s your best friends tying the knot. But hang in there and remember that everyone moves at a different pace, and you have time. 

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