How To Properly Introduce Your New Puppy To Your Older Dog And Foster A Friendship Between Your Furry Friends

DoraZett - - illustrative purposes only

Bringing a new puppy into your home is similar to watching a brand-new episode of your favorite television series. It’s definitely exciting, but you aren’t quite sure how the characters will interact yet.

Now, if you already have an older furry friend at home, you know they’re set in their ways. That’s why the introduction between your older dog and your brand-new pup is a pivotal scene that will set the stage for their future relationship.

Let’s break down how you can prepare for this moment and help your dogs start off on the right paw.

Set The Stage With Neutral Ground

Think of the first meeting as if it were a blind date. It’s best done on neutral territory, like at the park or on a quiet street, so your older dog doesn’t feel the need to defend their home turf.

This neutral setting will significantly reduce the chances of territorial behavior and allow both dogs to interact without the baggage of ownership over the space!

A Controlled First Impression

Once you’ve decided on the environment, be sure to keep both dogs on a leash during their first interaction.

At the same time, it’s crucial for you to read their body language. Relaxed tails and playful bows are very good signs. On the other hand, if you notice stiff tails, pinned-back ears, or growling, it’s time to give them some more space.

DoraZett – – illustrative purposes only

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