It Was Her Husband’s Idea To Have A Baby And Be A Stay-At-Home Dad Since She Earns More Money, But Now He Wants Her To Quit Her Job To Care For Their Baby, And She’s Refusing

ihorvsn - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 33-year-old woman is a lawyer, and her husband, who is 34, works in an office. So she earns more money in their relationship.

That’s why, after they found out they were expecting a baby, they both decided that her husband would be the one to stay home with their daughter.

“At least until our daughter was a little older,” she clarified.

Well, it has now been two months since she gave birth to their baby, and she has been gearing up to head back to work next month.

Yet, just last week, her husband came to her with a shocking suggestion. Apparently, he claimed it would be better if she just quit her job in order to take care of the baby. Then, he claimed that he would financially support their little family.

She immediately shot down that idea, though, because she didn’t think there was any “good reason” for her to stay home.

“I earn more than him, and I actually like my job, whereas he hates his job and earns a lot less than me,” she reasoned.

On top of that, she and her husband agreed a while ago that she would go back to work, and he would take care of their daughter. So, she just couldn’t understand what had changed all of a sudden.

Regardless, her husband actually proceeded to accuse her of being a “bad mom,” and he has been super upset with her ever since. They’ve also continued arguing about the issue a ton, mainly because her husband won’t stop bringing it up.

ihorvsn – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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