She Mysteriously Vanished After Walking Away From A Campground: Her Car Was Later Discovered Abandoned, And Her Belongings Were Found Neatly Stacked In A Park

Authorities from the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office were promptly called to the scene, and tracking dogs eventually led investigators to Meadow Event Park. There, Delecia’s personal belongings– including her wallet, cell phone, purse, clothes, and shoes– were all discovered in a neat pile.

This finding pushed authorities to conduct extensive searches, but few leads were found. At one point, search dogs actually tracked Delecia’s scent to a residential home. However, investigators did not find any indicators of her whereabouts at the property.

Investigators also heard from two witnesses who claimed to have seen Delecia off of Route 30 in a field in Caroline County, Virginia. Lastly, on March 12, 2017, one of Delecia’s friends reportedly saw her on Fendall Avenue in Richmond. However, these sightings have not been confirmed and didn’t provide investigators with conclusive leads.

So, the search for Delecia has continued, and her family has been left reeling in the aftermath of her disappearance.

Delecia’s bank account, phone, and social media have remained untouched, and her loved ones don’t believe that she would just walk away. According to Delecia’s sister, Britanny Waddy, that simply wasn’t her character.

Instead, the Waddys believe that Delecia may be in danger– with someone holding her against her will.

“My prayer every night is for God to just give us a clue so we can find out what happened to my sister,” Britanny said.

“I’ve just been a shell. I take it one day at a time. It hurts. It really does feel like there’s definitely a void. I haven’t been the same since this happened. But like my mom said, we are not giving up. It’s made me not trust people for sure.”

Indeed, the Waddy family has sought to spread further awareness of Delecia’s disappearance online by creating a Facebook page entitled “Bring Delecia Home.” There, her loved ones have continued posting about the case and urging others with information to come forward.

“I never leave home without it,” one Facebook post reads, accompanied by a photo of Delecia’s missing person flyer.

“Someone, somewhere out there has the key to finally bring this search to an end. If you’re the acquaintance who thought they saw Delecia in Richmond, please come forward. If you’re the person she texted or called in the wee hours of that fateful March morning, please come forward. If you’re the person she told her hardships to, please come forward,” the post continued.

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