She Screamed At Her Sister-In-Law For Not Eating The Cake At Her Wedding And Actually Accused Her Sister-In-Law Of Being In Love With Her Husband

sonyachny - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 26-year-old woman met her now-husband, 32, when she was 20 because she was friends with his sister, 25. He proposed during the summer of 2022, and they married this past December.

Since the start of the relationship, her now sister-in-law has started to pull away from the friendship and, unfortunately, has started treating her poorly. Her husband’s sister wasn’t kind to her and would purposely hurt her feelings.

“While she and I were friends, I shared a lot about my insecurities. I used to be 300 pounds and was very insecure about it. I went on a weight loss journey, but she always felt the need to compete with me. But she wasn’t able to lose the weight,” she said.

Before she started her weight loss journey, her sister-in-law (who, at the time, was smaller than she was) constantly made offensive comments about her weight, calling her “the cow of the friend group.”

When she did a one-hour workout, her sister-in-law would try to one-up her and do a two-hour workout. During restaurant meals, her husband’s sister laughed mockingly at her when she ordered a healthy option from the menu. Even as she and her former friend grew distant, her former friend remained competitive over their weight loss journeys.

She clarified that she didn’t lose weight because she wanted to look a certain way but chose to lose weight to improve her health. Guys seem more interested in her now that she’s lost weight, but she doesn’t think it matters. Now, she is thinner than her sister-in-law, and she would describe her sister-in-law as “chubby.” However, her sister-in-law’s body isn’t as large as hers used to be.

Her sister-in-law was one of her bridesmaids, and luckily, they didn’t have much tension during the wedding planning process. They were able to remain civil with one another. She was grateful for all the support and help her husband’s sister provided leading up to the wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, and it was the most wonderful day of her life.

At the reception, they brought out the cake, and the wedding party and guests were enjoying their slices of it, but she noticed that her sister-in-law wasn’t eating any.

“I could see her eyeing me as I ate cake. I had two slices, and by the time I was on my second slice, I could feel her eyes. I felt like she was judging me for eating cake after my weight loss,” she explained.

sonyachny – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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