She Told Her Fiancé That He Needs To Move Out Until He Can Get A Job And Contribute To Their Expenses

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This woman has been in a relationship with her fiancé on and off for the last seven years, and he’s a felon.

He committed non-violent crimes, and he has learned lessons from the bad choices he made in the past, so she’s accepted this. Unfortunately, though, her fiancé’s criminal history is an obstacle when he’s applying for jobs.

Because he prioritizes finding a job he enjoys doing, this makes him more selective when looking for work.

He would never work somewhere in which he was unhappy. While she understands this in theory and acknowledges that most people would prefer to have jobs they enjoy, not everyone has that luxury.

“However, due to his felony, he really can’t be very picky, and in this economy, money is an important factor for survival. Meaning, take any job you can get,” she said.

Over the years, she’s often had to stay at jobs she hated so that she could pay her bills. Now, she makes a decent living and has a stable job, but she pays all of her and her fiancé’s monthly expenses.

She also buys their groceries and anything else they need. While she doesn’t mind being the main breadwinner, she wants to be with someone who can financially contribute to the household.

Her fiancé won’t apply for jobs, so she applies for jobs on his behalf, but he won’t consider accepting interviews at places that would possibly hire him despite his felony, like Wal-Mart and Home Depot.

He has a barely part-time job, making about $200 to $300 per week at the maximum, which is only enough to pay for his gas.

stockbusters – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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