She Wants Her Boyfriend To Get Rid Of His $600 Monthly Car Payment Because They Have A Baby On The Way, And She Already Pays For All Their Household Expenses By Herself

It’s also important to note that even though her boyfriend doesn’t have great credit, meaning she wouldn’t be able to help him refinance, she did offer to financially pitch in for the trade-in option.

Regardless, her boyfriend is against it, and it’s really starting to tick her off.

“I know he loves his 2016 Honda Civic, but I’m getting frustrated by the lack of financial help, especially with a baby on the way,” she vented.

Not to mention, she will be going on maternity leave soon, so their budget will become even tighter.

So, despite her boyfriend continuing to promise that he will “help soon,” she just doesn’t believe him– especially because he’s been saying the same thing for the last two years.

And now, she’s been left wondering if wanting him to finally get rid of his $600 car payment is really so unreasonable or not.

Can you understand why she’s so frustrated with their current financial situation? Do you agree that his car payment needs to go before she has their baby? How should she handle this situation?

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