She Was Booted As A Bridesmaid And Uninvited From Her Friend’s Wedding Altogether Because Her Ex Is A Groomsman, As Well As The Officiant, And Her Friend Is Worried About There Being Drama At The Event

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Over the summer, this woman’s friend asked her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding, and she was thrilled to accept this honor. The wedding is coming up in May. In February, she and her now-boyfriend broke up after dating for five years. Ironically, her ex is both a groomsman and the wedding ceremony officiant.

Luckily, their breakup was civil, and they ended their relationship because she had to travel a lot for her job, and they couldn’t see each other a lot due to the distance. Being far away from one another so often caused them to drift apart over time.

Throughout the entirety of their relationship, they hardly ever had any intense arguments, even while they were breaking up. While they were dating, they bought a dog together, so they agreed to share custody of their dog.

Also, they have a lot of mutual friends, which means they see each other a lot despite no longer being together. They’ve been able to remain friendly when they run into one another, always making casual conversation. So far, there hasn’t been any tension or drama between the two of them since the breakup.

However, that changed in November when she and her ex got into an argument because both of them had a lot of emotions since their breakup that he suppressed. He had been sad that she broke up with him, and she had been irritated that he hadn’t been open about his feelings with her. They both were mad at each other, so they fought about all of this and verbalized all of the thoughts they’d been holding in for so long.

A couple of days after the fight, they apologized to each other and hugged each other. While they fought privately, they separately vented to their friends about the conflict. Because of this situation, her friend, the bride, is concerned and stressed about potential future drama between her and her ex-boyfriend.

“She has, however, not talked to me at all about it. I tried talking to her while the fight was going on but was pretty much met with silence. My other girlfriends were very supportive and gave me advice despite their significant others also being friends with my ex,” she said.

Since she and her ex share a ton of friends, their fight complicated matters a bit. She didn’t want this to divide their friend group at all. What she wanted was emotional support, but she didn’t feel like she received this from the bride.

Rather than reaching out to have a discussion about how comfortable she was with being around her ex-boyfriend moving forward, the bride told her that she was no longer a bridesmaid and was also no longer invited to her wedding.

BY-_-BY – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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