The Girl He Was Dating Dumped Him And Said The Feeling Of Love She Had For Him Vanished

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Sadly, this 31-year-old man has grappled with abandonment issues throughout his life, which has led to him having poor self-esteem. He often feels inadequate as well.

He feels that everyone has always thrown him out like trash. For instance, his dad abandoned him when he was little, and then when he was 12, he was forced to move away and lost all of his friends.

As an adult, he has had several meaningful relationships with women that have ended over infidelity.

So it’s easy to see why he struggles with feeling as if he’s good enough for other people, even if it’s not in a romantic sense.

He’s done his best to try to overcome his issues; he has gone to therapy, invested hours attempting to improve himself, and even spent a year answering phone calls for a hotline helping people at the lowest points in their lives.

He enjoys being there for those in need, regardless if they are his friends or not. He also only speaks positively about others and doesn’t judge.

“I love with my whole heart and never ask for anything in return from anyone because I really just want to give of myself and make a difference to the people around me,” he explained.

“I have no aspirations to save the world, but if I can make one person a little happier, even for just a moment, I’ll have done my job in this life.”

“Why, then, do people take advantage of my kindness only to discard me after a while? Why do people let me get close, then disappear? Why am I never enough, as I am?”

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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