The Girl He Was Dating Dumped Him And Said The Feeling Of Love She Had For Him Vanished

Not too long ago, he began dating an amazing woman named D, and they have loads in common with one another. They share a lot of similar interests and passions, and things between him and D got very intense quite fast.

He figured his relationship with D was going to be long-lived, and he was ready to commit to her. They never argued and found resolutions to things in a peaceful way.

Several months into dating D, she requested a bit of space from him, and he happily granted that to her.

Then D began speaking to him infrequently and canceling their plans. Yesterday, she invited him over to her place and dumped him. D could not pinpoint a particular reason for wanting to end things between them.

“She said I hadn’t done anything wrong,” he said. “Hadn’t said anything off-putting. That I was thoughtful and caring in every way she wanted. Present. Attentive. Loving.”

“She was adamant that she found me attractive. But that love feeling simply went away for her. It just disappeared. Dissolved into the ether. How could this have happened? I don’t understand. Why am I not enough? Why was I enough yesterday, but now, am no longer?”

“Why is it never enough what I do for others? I just want to feel wanted, to feel loved for who I am, and to give that back. All of these questions are rhetorical, I know there’s no logical answer to why someone who suddenly stop feeling love for another. She understood it was unfair. She was apologetic.”

He didn’t disagree with her, beg her to stay with him, or get mad at her. He simply walked away. That doesn’t make it hurt any less, especially since D did not have a concrete reason for why she no longer wants to be with him.

This has left him feeling inadequate once more and has brought up all of his abandonment issues all over again.

What do you think he can do to feel better?

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