When She Was A Little Girl, A Dangerous Man Escaped From Police Custody While She Was Playing In The Park, And She Later Found Him Staring At Kids Outside A School

“Then I saw him: ‘Look, it’s the man!’ I told my friend. He was standing near the school gates, just staring at the children coming out. He fit the officer’s description perfectly,” she said.

Immediately, the girls raced to a telephone and called the police. She told the police where they’d seen the man and explained that he fit the description but noted that he wasn’t wearing his waistcoat. The officer on the phone thanked her for the call before hanging up.

Understandably, the girls were thrilled that they may have helped solve a crime. But as an adult, she shudders now, knowing what the man who escaped custody was.

Also, she wondered whether or not the officer on the phone took the call she and her friend made seriously.

She questioned if they had prevented a child from being harmed. And she had another chilling thought, asking if she and her friend had had a lucky escape on the day they were playing in the park.

If you were a child in this situation, would you have been excited to help solve the crime, or would you have been scared?

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