While At A Ski Resort, A Strange Man Wearing A Hotel Staff Uniform Tried To Get Her And Her Sister To Go Into His Room, And She Thinks He Was Trying To Kidnap Them

nastia - - illustrative purposes only

When this woman was 10-years-old, she was at a ski resort with her father, stepmother, and her three sisters.

At one point during the trip, everyone else in the family was skiing while she and one of her sisters, Ava, were too cold and retreated back to the hotel to warm up and eat.

She and Ava were hanging out in the hotel restaurant, waiting for their stepmother to join them. When their stepmother finally got there, she and Ava had her sit at the table while they went up to their hotel room to drop off their ski jackets that they were still wearing.

They took the elevator to their floor, and as they were walking down the hallway, they heard someone call out “‘Hey!'” from behind them.

Since they knew it was a stranger, they assumed the person was calling for someone else, so they didn’t turn around or respond.

Eventually, she and Ava reached their room, and just as they were about to close the door, the man who had been walking behind them in the hallway was just outside the door.

The strange man was about 6 feet tall, and she guessed that he was most likely in his late 50s or early 60s. He was wearing what looked like a uniform that the hotel staff wore, but it didn’t have any of the logos.

“The thing that raised a big red flag was that he was wearing black surgical gloves. He says, ‘Hey, I was talking to you.’ We spin around, caught off guard. Ava says, ‘Us?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, you. I was wondering if you could grab a pitcher for me and come into my room to pour some water for me,'” she said.

As young children, their parents always warned them not to talk to strangers, so that advice, combined with how the man was acting, made her and Ava super uncomfortable, and they rejected his request.

nastia – – illustrative purposes only

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