While Healing From A Breakup, She Began Receiving Strange And Frightening Phone Calls From A Mystery Man, And It Became Clear That He Was Watching Her

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Two or three years ago, this woman was healing from an awful breakup. She had a tiny group of friends, and she didn’t have Facebook or any other social media accounts where she posted photos of what she was doing on a daily basis.

Not long after the breakup, she began getting strange, concerning phone calls, and she was positive that her ex-boyfriend wasn’t the one calling her.

“During the first call, I answered, and the person on the other end said how much they missed me. I asked who it was, and they said, ‘It’s me! Don’t you remember?'” she said.

She immediately hung up on the mysterious caller, and they called her again right away. When she answered, the person, a grown man, was sobbing about how she was “‘being mean'” to him.

She found the caller’s way of speaking strange because he was talking like a child of about 6-years-old, not an adult.

After hanging up one more time, they didn’t call back. In hindsight, she wished she’d blocked the phone number back then. But because she was occupied with the pain of her breakup, she wasn’t thinking clearly.

Unfortunately, the person continued calling as the days wore on. She stopped answering, but they would leave voicemails for her.

“They would leave messages saying how pretty I looked with my blue sweater that day. Or that they knew how I took my coffee now and said they would remember it for when we finally went out for a drink together,” she explained.

Every time she received a call or voicemail from this stranger, she would block the number, but they would call from a different phone number every time she did so.

VICHIZH – – illustrative purposes only

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