While Stationed At Andrews Air Force Base In Maryland, He Received A Security Breach Call At 2:00 A.M. And Had A Creepy Encounter Inside A Chapel On Base

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Many individuals in various branches of the U.S. military have claimed to experience a ghostly encounter or two during their time in service.

TikToker @warriorparanormal is telling a creepy story about his time in the military when he was stationed at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. The base was founded in 1854, so the area is definitely rife with history.

At the time, he was a sergeant in the military police service of the United States Air Force.

There was a chapel located on the base, and he would frequently receive calls about a security breach at the chapel. Usually, he was called to the chapel at around one or two in the morning.

Whenever he arrived to check out what was going on, he always found the back door open somehow, even though it could only be unlocked by punching in a code.

Other than that, nothing else ever seemed to be out of place, so it wasn’t much cause for concern.

In this particular incident, he was with another sergeant when he got the call. So they headed inside the chapel together. There was a piano situated on the lower level of the building, and he started playing around with it.

When he stopped playing, they heard footsteps on the floor above them. They went upstairs and called out to whoever was there, but they were greeted with silence.

They searched every inch of the chapel except for the steeple, which was the only place for someone to hide. But even with the ladder, it was impossible to reach it.

Jess – – illustrative purposes only

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