While Staying At A Hotel In The UK With Her Family, She Encountered A Ghost That Shouted A Strange Phrase In Her Ear While She Was Sleeping

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman spent much of her childhood living in a haunted house, so she’s had many encounters with the paranormal. Her experiences have terrified her, and she wonders if bad luck is part of the reason why spirits and ghosts seem to follow her around. All she knows is that she would rather not have these spooky encounters.

A few weeks ago, she and her family spent a few nights in the Abbey Hotel in Bath, UK. During their third night at the hotel, and while she was trying to sleep, she felt the movement of someone leaving the bed.

She peered over to the right to see if their 4-year-old son was the one who’d gotten back to use the bathroom. Since he might have needed her help, she wanted to make sure she was ready to be there if he needed her. However, when she looked over at her son, he was still sleeping.

“I looked left, toward the direction the person was moving to see if it was my husband, but the shadow was too small, like a child (and walking toward my baby’s travel cot/pack and play),” she said.

Then, she gazed back at the bed, both to her right, where her son slept soundly and to her left, where her husband was also sleeping. Confused, she peered back up at the figure she’d just seen walking toward the cot, but it had already disappeared.

The shadowy figure she’d seen looked like a person walking around in the pitch-black hotel room. Strangely, the figure was too small to have been her husband and too big to have been her son. Understandably rattled, she decided to brush off what she saw and rationalized that the shadowy figure had been a figment of her imagination in her half-asleep state.

Since she was so tired and needed to get back to sleep, she wanted to come up with an explanation that would allow her to calm down enough to fall back to sleep.

“Later in the night, I’m a bit restless, and all of a sudden, a woman or girl’s voice shouts something in my ear from behind (opposite direction of my son and husband). I think it wasn’t an actual phrase, maybe a jingle or something else repetitive,” she explained.

It was as if the entity was checking to see if she could hear her and was just screaming something random to try to get a reaction out of her. Petrified, she took one of the pillows and covered her head with it, closing her eyes, remaining still, and faking as if she were sleeping.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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