While Walking To The Train Station After A Night Out, She Was Followed By A Creepy Guy Who Kept Zig-Zagging To Keep Up With Her Every Move

Zamrznuti tonovi - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Almost nothing is worse than walking alone at night and realizing that someone has been following you. 

Even if that person doesn’t have bad intentions after all, it’s still very scary and puts you in a vulnerable position. 

One woman remembers being followed by someone 10 years ago and the panic she felt as she tried to get somewhere safe. 

She’s from Canada and, on weekend nights, used to love going to music clubs and bars with friends and staying out until the wee hours of the morning. A year before this incident, a woman who was part of the same scene was severely hurt by someone while walking home, so she had been on high alert ever since.

The night of the incident, she had gone out with her friend Claire before heading over to their friend Rick’s place to wait until her local train was up and running again so she could get home.

She was at Rick’s until 5:00 am and learned that Claire planned on sleeping over, so she headed out on her own to get home, as she felt awkward sleeping over at Rick’s apartment.

Because this happened before Google Maps, Rick gave her verbal directions on how to get to the nearest Metro station before she left. 

As she was walking alone in the cold, searching for the Metro station, she suddenly heard footsteps behind her. She tried to convince herself that it was someone who also happened to be heading to the same station and tried to ignore them. She kept a steady pace and didn’t look behind her.

“I continue this for a while, with no real idea of how long this cat and mouse game is gonna go on because I didn’t know the area or where the station really was,” she recalled.

Zamrznuti tonovi – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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