A Creepy Man Approached Her And Demanded That She Drive Him To A Homeless Shelter, But After She Escaped And The Cops Came, She Found Out The Shelter Didn’t Even Exist

As carefully and politely as possible, she told the man she felt uneasy giving him a ride and explained that she had the flu (it was a lie, but she hoped it would scare him off). She also pointed out that her husband was on the phone.

The man screamed, “‘I don’t care about the flu!'” He became madder by the second, refusing to move out of her way so that she could enter CVS. She didn’t feel comfortable turning around to run back to her vehicle, which was parked a few feet away in a dark part of the street.

“While this guy was glaring at me, I decided to walk past him quickly. I had my mask from the clinic in my jacket pocket, so I pulled that out and held it in front of me while I moved toward the trash can. He looked disgusted but kept telling me I needed to give him a ride. It’s right down the street, he insisted. But I know where the street is, and it’s not as close as he says,” he explained.

From her perspective, the man was attempting to manipulate her into giving him a ride, and even though he didn’t make any direct threats, his behavior and tone still felt intimidating. Eventually, she succeeded in rounding the corner, raced into CVS, and marched to the pharmacy.

She was still on the phone with her husband, and he told her he’d call the cops because he could hear the menacing way the man spoke to her. He advised that she stay in CVS for the time being.

At this point, she was shaking with fear. Normally, she doesn’t feel this terrified during tense interactions with people. After she reached the pharmacy, she approached the pharmacist, who was speaking with a customer, and said sorry before interrupting their conversation to let the pharmacist know about the man outside the store and how uncomfortable he made her feel.

The pharmacist notified the store manager, who was an intimidating, tall man with a long beard. He was the type of man no one would want to mess with. The cops arrived at the store, and the manager walked outside to confront the man and tell him he needed to leave the premises.

While the man briefly listened to this order, he eventually returned and walked into the store, screaming, cursing, and making comments directed at her. The store manager demanded that the man leave, pointing out that he was now trespassing on private property.

“The cop came back to talk to me and told me she had arrested him many times. He’s loud and likes to yell at people. But he isn’t violent. The pharmacist had me hiding behind the screen where they give vaccines and left the half-door to the pharmacy cracked open in case I needed to get out of there,” she shared.

During her conversation with the police officer, she told her the man’s first and last name and the pharmacist also verified the man’s identity. Finally, she got the prescriptions she needed and walked out of CVS. The police officer parked right next to her so she wasn’t alone when leaving the store. She also heard that when the police officer offered the man a ride to the homeless shelter, he rejected the offer.

After the ordeal, she looked up the man online. Luckily, his name wasn’t common, so it wasn’t difficult to track him down. She stumbled across his criminal record, which included numerous charges of public intoxication, DWIs, assault, and battery.

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