A Creepy Man Stalked His Mom At A Grocery Store, And When She Finally Called Him Out, He Said She “Would Look Really Good In Someone’s Basement”

DC Studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man’s mother passed away in February of last year. But three years ago, when she was about 40, she was grocery shopping at Woodman’s. His mother was a beautiful woman who looked much younger than she was. She received a lot of unwanted male attention, including proposals from strange men. People were mesmerized by her, and she encountered a lot of sketchy men in her life.

The grocery store where his mother was shopping wasn’t in a rough part of town, but it was right off the highway and close to dangerous areas, so there were some characters that people had to watch out for.

Over the years, she constantly said she didn’t feel comfortable with him going to this Woodman’s location by himself, particularly late at night. Whenever they went to the store together, he stayed with her the entire time despite him being between 18 and 20-years-old. On this particular day, she was walking down an aisle where a man was also shopping.

“He was looking at her, and when she would turn to look at him, he would look away and act like he was looking at something on the shelves. Honestly, she didn’t think much of it. She’s dealt with her fair share of creeps. So, she grabbed what she needed and moved onto another aisle,” he said.

Unfortunately, the man followed her to the exact same aisle, repeating his sketchy behavior. His mother felt uncomfortable, but she tried to focus on grabbing the items she was looking for and moving onto another aisle. Then, the man proceeded to stalk her throughout the rest of her shopping trip.

He pointed out that his mother wasn’t someone anyone wanted to cross. She wasn’t afraid of confrontations and got involved in many physical altercations with men. His mother knew how to defend herself and wasn’t easily intimidated.

Later, his mom was done shopping and about to purchase her items, and the man was still tailing her. At this point, she was furious and thought leaving was unsafe because she didn’t know what this man was plotting to do. So, she told an employee about the situation, and the employee rushed over to find a manager.

“My mom took this opportunity to tell him off, saying something like, ‘Can I help you? What do you want?’ He replied to her, ‘You look like the kind of girl who would look really good in someone’s basement.’ At this point, she was not only mad but absolutely terrified,” he explained.

Moments after this, the manager arrived, and while she was addressing the man’s creepy behavior and the horrifying statement he made, he raced off.

DC Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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