A Girl Blocked Him After He Asked Her To Pay For Their Third Date

Damian - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man currently lives in London, and not too long ago, he met a super cute girl through a dating app.

They both happen to be from the same country, though they have been living within the United Kingdom for several decades.

He invited her out on three dates, and everything was going great until they got to date number three.

For their first date, they met up to have coffee, and headed out to a pub after it came time for the coffee shop to close. That evening, he paid for absolutely everything.

On their second date, they went out to a restaurant to have dinner. After they were done and the check arrived, he momentarily paused to see if she would speak up and suggest splitting everything.

This girl said nothing, though, so he wound up paying for both of their dinners. He didn’t ask her outright to split the check, as he figured it would be too awkward if she declined to do that.

When it came time for their third date, he asked this girl to select a restaurant for them to go to, as he was the one who picked out the place for their second date.

“Then [I] asked her if she’s okay with paying for the dinner since I paid last time,” he explained.

“So she didn’t reply, but the next day, she blocked me on WhatsApp and unmatched me from the app.”

Damian – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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