A Stimulus Switch Could Be Something Like Putting On Red Lipstick Or Perfume, And It Can Help You Become A Better Version Of Yourself

You can’t make any lasting changes without altering some aspects of your environment. Real growth happens when you create situations that bring forth motivation.

Several TikTok users shared what small but effective actions they take to upgrade themselves and their lifestyles.

“My stimulus switch is nail extensions,” commented one user.

“This is why I reorganize my room every three weeks, lol,” wrote another.

“I started wearing earrings every day just because, and I think I was unknowingly doing this. It’s a simple thing that’s made a big difference,” chimed in someone else.


Im not gonna gatekeep this anymore and it’s the first step to changing how you see yourself #selfcaretoktok #hotgirlhabits #maincharacterenergy #mindsetshift #upgradeyourlife

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