A Stingray Housed In A Tank Without A Male Companion At A North Carolina Aquarium Has Mysteriously Gotten Pregnant, Leading People To Speculate That A Shark May Be The Father

More than 80 vertebrate species, including a crocodile and California condors, have been found to be able to reproduce on their own.

In addition, a variety of species of sharks and stingrays are capable of parthenogenesis, particularly in captivity. For instance, the first known case of parthenogenesis in a hammerhead shark occurred in 2001.

Although parthenogenesis is common among this group of animals, it has never been seen before in Charlotte’s species, the round stingray. Still, the theory makes more sense than impregnation by a shark.

Charlotte is expected to give birth soon. She will be moved to a bigger tank equipped with live cameras for observation of the newborn stingrays.

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