Her Half-Sister Picked On Her, Made Her Cry, Then Got Asked To Leave Their Dad’s Birthday Dinner

Julia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Envy, competition, or bitterness between siblings can last a very long time and worsen over the years if you don’t address it and work it out.

One woman was recently accused of ruining her dad’s birthday dinner after fighting with her half-sister, who wouldn’t stop making critical comments throughout the evening.

She’s 23-years-old and has an older sister who’s 29. They have the same dad but were raised by two very different moms.

“My mom has always been quite obsessed with beauty, not only hers but mine as well,” she said.

“She started taking me to beauty contests when I was four. I’ve been in those contents all of my life, and I’ve won some. I was [and] still am a model.”

Her sister was raised differently and has a very different personality. She focused more on her hobbies, like reading and writing, than her beauty and appearance.

Her sister went to medical school while she has only finished high school. However, she thought they always had a good relationship because they generally got along despite their different interests and career paths.

However, the truth came out at her dad’s recent birthday dinner. They decided to have a small family gathering for dinner, including her, her sister, mom, dad, and two younger brothers. As soon as the evening started, her sister began picking on her.

At first, she was made fun of for not eating the same food everyone else was because she was on a special diet, and her sister told her to “suck it up for one night.” When the conversation shifted over to an upcoming beauty contest she’d be in, her sister scoffed and told her she was too old to be participating in them anymore.

Julia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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