Before You Chow Down On Super Bowl Sunday, A New Survey Has Revealed The Luckiest Grub For Game Day, As Well As The Foods That Just Bring Bad Vibes

“It seems people take sports and their superstitions very seriously– so much so that almost three-quarters of fans believe the final outcome of the game could depend on it,” said St. Pierre’s spokesperson.

“We are big believers that food is more than a meal on your plate. It helps make memories, bring people together, and, judging by the results of this research, it helps sports teams win titles!”

Over 71% of people who are diligent with their pre-game rituals have even gone to the extent of not watching the game until they have been completed.

On top of that, 74% think that the result of a previous sports event was influenced by their participation in the pre-game rituals or lack thereof.

Among those who consider themselves superstitious during their favorite team’s games, 50% attributed it to influences from their parents, whereas 43% claimed to have just picked up the habit on their own.

In terms of game-day rituals, 38% adhere to consuming certain foods, and for those who’ve thrown a Super Bowl party, 32% emphasize that choosing the right food is top of their list.

It appears that for a vast majority, 69% to be exact, the snacks are nearly as crucial as the game itself.

People also reported that curating a great group of friends and making sure the game is properly showcased were essential elements for hosting a successful party.

Still, 48% of the respondents confessed that they’ve attended Super Bowl parties solely for the food and beverages, despite having little to no interest in the actual game.

“With the Super Bowl just around the corner, it’s been great to get an insight into what people think about the build-up and the social gatherings that take place all over the country,” concluded Kayleigh Swift, St. Pierre’s US Brand Manager.

To read the survey’s complete findings, visit the link here.

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