Dry Chicken Will Be A Thing Of The Past Once You Try This Special Chicken Recipe

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If you’re one of those people who have tried countless recipes and techniques to achieve the juiciest, most tender chicken only to be let down time and again, I’m here to tell you that your struggles have finally ended.

Dry chicken will be a thing of the past once you try this special chicken recipe. This is the only chicken recipe you’ll ever need. Because after this, you’ll probably have a hard time making chicken any other way again.

TikToker @sammypur has a recipe for the juiciest chicken that went viral. Her video has thirteen million views and counting.

Here’s how you can make chicken that is just as good as hers.

First, grab a couple of boneless and skinless chicken breasts and pat them dry with a paper towel. The thicker the chicken breasts are, the better!

Next, season them with garlic powder, garlic salt, lemon pepper, and paprika.

Don’t be afraid to pile on the seasonings because, again, the more, the better. Put a cast iron skillet on medium/high heat and pour in some avocado oil.

Carefully place the chicken in. They should be sizzling once they hit the pan.

Allow the chicken to cook on one side for about five minutes so that it develops a nice crust. Then, flip them, immediately take them out, and put them in the oven on the middle rack.

nerudol – – illustrative purposes only

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