He And His Girlfriend Nearly Broke Up Over How Upset He Got When His Team Didn’t Win The Super Bowl

“I would understand this coming from someone who doesn’t enjoy football or sports, but I specifically told her beforehand that I was going to be staying through the whole game because the team I supported was playing,” he explained.

“After this is when the game started to turn, missed catches, [a] muffed punt, missed PAT, all types of bad play for the 49ers, and I was getting upset.”

“Not in a scream, cuss, cry, and whine way. But big deep breaths, hands on my head/knees, despair look.”

He was really angry that his team was clearly struggling, and that’s when his girlfriend began remarking that it doesn’t matter because it’s just a game.

She said that in such a condescending way that he shot her an angry glare. Ten minutes later, he said sorry to her, as he knew he shouldn’t take out his team failing on his girlfriend.

She simply frowned for the remainder of the evening. After his favorite team wound up losing the game, he was super disappointed and upset. He and his girlfriend left and started walking back to their car.

“I tried to flip it and be positive because I thought it was behind us now, but she brought up how rude I was and how embarrassing it was for her to be seen with someone that upset over a sports game,” he said.

“I was caught off guard but then went in about how she was being mean to me all night with her comments; she replied with she didn’t realize how sensitive I was and that she gave up her night so that I could watch my silly game, yadda yadda yadda. So we went back and forth for a while.”

“She gave me backhanded apologies like, “I’m sorry, but you have to realize it’s not that serious.” After the hour’s drive, we got home and fought more, and this morning, we woke up and fought some more. I’m ultimately ready to be done with this fight. I’ve tried making amends on multiple levels, but she is just not taking it. I don’t know what to do. She said she wants me to return everything I got her for Valentine’s Day and that she thinks differently of me now, after 5 years of dating.”

What advice do you have for him?

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