He Broke Up With His Ex-Girlfriend On The Spot After She Asked For A “Free Pass” To Sleep With Someone Else During A Trip To Florida Just So She Could See What Being In An Open Relationship Was Like

“I have always made it very clear I wouldn’t ever consider an open relationship,” he underscored.

Yet, his ex-girlfriend apparently still didn’t get that because she told her friends about what happened and actually had one friend reach out to him– who called him a jerk for ending their relationship over a question.

In the back of his mind, though, it felt like way more than just a question. In fact, he believes that his ex-girlfriend already planned to sleep with someone else during her vacation to Florida.

“And that she only asked me so she wouldn’t feel bad doing it, and that even if I had just simply said no, she would have cheated on me anyway,” he vented.

Still, in the wake of their split, he can’t help but wonder if breaking up with his ex-girlfriend on the spot like that was really the wrong way to handle the situation.

Do you agree that his girlfriend probably already had plans to cheat on him? Does it sound like he dodged a bullet? How would you have reacted in his shoes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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