He Called His Pregnant Wife Ungrateful Since He’s Been Working Hard To Get Her Special Food, And She Hasn’t Expressed Gratitude

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Sometimes, when your partner is pregnant, you may find yourself running around and doing extra things for them. This is usually expected, as growing a human takes a lot of energy out of a person, and they’ll need help.

But if you’re doing a lot for your partner and they never say ‘thank you,’ it can be really frustrating.

One man recently had an outburst in front of his pregnant wife and called her ungrateful because he’s been working extra hard to get her special food and satisfy her cravings, and she hasn’t expressed any gratitude.

He and his wife are both 31, and she is pregnant with their first child. 

“She’s in her third trimester currently, and her cravings and hormones are working against me,” he said.

“She doesn’t eat the dinner I make after work, and sometimes I run out and try to get the food that she desires, or I just use Uber Eats. She’s also been having mood swings.”

Since he understands his wife is in a delicate condition, he’s been putting up with her moody and demanding behavior. However, he snapped a few nights ago when his wife was acting picky and entitled over food.

He had gotten home from a long day of work that evening, and his wife immediately told him she was hungry and wanted him to make her something. He agreed, but every time he tried to start cooking something, his wife would have an attitude and turn down all the options he had. 

“Eventually, she just told me to get takeout again, which kind of triggered me,” he recalled.

Syda Productions – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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