He Changed His Screensaver And Removed His Girlfriend’s “Pet Name” From Her Contact Info In His Phone Afer She Cheated, And Now She’s All Upset

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This guy is currently in a relationship, but just a few months ago, he discovered that his girlfriend had been texting another guy. Then, after catching her cheating, she begged him to take her back, and eventually, he did.

Now, that was around three or four months ago, but he still hasn’t fully gotten over it. Instead, he’s continued to keep his guard up toward his girlfriend.

“It has been difficult to be vulnerable again because it was so traumatic,” he said.

So, in addition to being a bit more guarded, he also hasn’t made his girlfriend his screensaver on his phone again. Additionally, her contact name in his phone is now just her name– not her pet name.

“Because it was heartbreaking trying to get rid of all that stuff the first time around,” he reasoned.

Just yesterday, his girlfriend realized that she’d been “demoted” in his phone, too. It all began when she grabbed his phone to record a video and text it to herself.

At that point, she saw her contact information and realized she was just listed under her name– not her nickname. This caused her to get super upset, and she wound up “stonewalling” him for the entire rest of the day.

He tried hard to explain how her name on his phone didn’t indicate his love or dedication to her, too. Regardless, everything he said never got through to his girlfriend.

That’s why she’s still barely speaking to him. And on the one hand, he does feel kind of bad because he genuinely loves her and never intended to hurt her.

Stock Rocket – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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