He Just Found Out That His Cousin Is Engaged To His Ex-Girlfriend, So Now He Wants To Tell His Cousin The Truth About Their Breakup And Expose His Ex For Being A Cheater

kiuikson - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Two years ago, this man was in a relationship with Kate, and their relationship ended on bad terms when he discovered that she was unfaithful.

Leading up to this discovery, he noticed Kate pulling away and distancing herself. She was also on her phone all the time. Eventually, he saw that she was sending steamy photos to another man using a fake name.

“When I confronted her and asked her why, she brushed it off with, ‘Since you know, it doesn’t matter now’ before walking away,” he said.

Understandably, this breakup was painful and took a while to heal from. Not long ago, he learned that his cousin, Tony, proposed to Kate. He and Tony don’t have a close bond, but they sometimes reach out and catch up.

Before this news, he’d been aware that Tony was in a relationship, but he had no idea he was dating Kate until he heard they were engaged.

After Tony and Kate announced their engagement, Tony contacted him to request him to be their wedding photographer. He realized that Kate must have only recently discovered that he and Tony were related.

“She sent me a text, pleading with me to let go of the past and not tell Tony about our history. According to her, revealing the truth would ruin Tony’s life,” he explained.

Before her text, he hadn’t planned on telling Tony about Kate’s cheating behavior, but the text she sent him was weird.

He’s in a relationship right now, and when he told his girlfriend and sister that Tony is engaged to Kate, they advised that he tell Tony what happened when he dated Kate.

kiuikson – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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