He Moved Into An Apartment In New York City And Thought His Roommate Had A Girlfriend Who’d Been Visiting And Doing Chores, But He Later Found Out It Was The Ghost Of The Girl Who Used To Live There

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This woman recently heard a spooky tale from a man. Around a year after 9/11, this man moved to New York City after accepting a new job. When searching for housing, he stumbled across a gorgeous brick walkup. An elderly woman who lived near Brooklyn, a few miles away from the walkup, owned the building and was looking for a new tenant.

The man met with her, and she was incredibly kind, explaining to him that before now, she wasn’t looking for a tenant. However, she thought he would be a wonderful, reliable person to live in the building.

Conveniently, this man’s friend moved into the apartment with him. His friend traveled nearly 90% of the time for his job, which worked out well. When they moved into the walkup, he chose to sleep on the futon and gave his friend the only bedroom.

At first, since his friend hadn’t specified whether he was in a relationship, he thought his friend wasn’t dating anyone. Because of this, he thought he wouldn’t have to deal with his friend’s hypothetical partner coming over to hang out.

During the move-in day, he and his friend noticed that a long, cozy scarf was hung on the wall, and a basket containing a pair of shoes was in the closet. They didn’t know whom these items belonged to.

“One morning, while he was deep asleep, he heard the front door unlock, open, close, then relock. Then, whoever it was went into the traveling roommate’s room and shut the door,” he said.

From then on, he heard someone entering their apartment and going into his roommate’s bedroom on a regular basis. He didn’t think much of it because he and his roommate didn’t have the same sleep schedule. Since he never saw who it was, he thought it was his friend coming back to the apartment.

Over time, he heard who he thought was his roommate taking showers, opening and closing doors, and the sound of pots and pans and his friend cooking meals. Afterward, when he walked into the kitchen, he was pleased to see that his roommate did all the dishes and put them away.

The kitchen was always completely spotless as if his roommate hadn’t even been there. One day, he was watching TV, and he was surprised to see a woman enter their apartment. He thought she was his roommate’s girlfriend.

goodmanphoto – – illustrative purposes only

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