He Overdosed On Caffeine, Consuming Twice The Recommended Limit Just To See What Would Happen, And Had The Worst Day Of His Life

The caffeine immediately shocked his system, and Mino experienced five different ‘stages’ throughout the day.

The first stage was a sort of manic euphoria, where he was bouncing off the walls and able to get a full workout in. Then, in stage two, the ‘pain’ stage hit, and he immediately felt ill.

“I think I might seize up if I don’t drink more water,” says Mino.

“I’m not even joking. I’m gonna puke.”

Sure enough, Mino was sick. But once he cleared out his stomach, he felt great again and was experiencing more euphoria.

However, that third stage of euphoria did not last long. Later in the day, he began to feel a “spontaneous sadness,” which he described as the fourth stage. Later in his video, Mino explains that the sadness from the caffeine in his system was extreme and scary.

“Jokes aside, please do not try this,” writes Mino in the text of his video.

“The ‘spontaneous sadness’ I described was actually somehow the saddest I felt in months. I genuinely felt so anxious [and] dejected, it was scary.”

Around 1:00 am, Mino was hit with a burst of productive energy and sat at his computer vigorously working for a long time, which explains his fifth and final stage, ‘spontaneous 1:00 am productivity.’

At the end of this experiment, he was amazed that he didn’t have to go to the emergency room.

In all seriousness, while Mino’s video is an interesting and, at times, silly watch, caffeine consumption isn’t something to play around with.

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