He Read His Girlfriend’s Diary And Found Out She Cheated On Him With A Married Man Who Has Four Kids

He told his girlfriend they were over, and it didn’t seem like she cared that much, though she said she did not want to lose him as a boyfriend or even as a friend.

They spent the next four or five hours discussing how to split up their life, and it was a pretty calm conversation.

It was surprisingly amicable splitting up with her, but throughout their discussion, his girlfriend refused to admit that she had been cheating with her married coworker, who does have four kids.

Eventually he insisted to her that her coworker had to be taking advantage of her, which only made her defensive.

“She thinks this is real and intense and full of passion, which it could be,” he said. “I think he is unhappy in his marriage and is enjoying the attention of a younger girl.”

Anyway, he took photos of his now ex-girlfriend’s diary for evidence, and he wants to show this to her coworker’s wife.

He was able to find this woman on social media, and he believes that if he goes forward with telling her that her husband is cheating, it could make splitting up with his ex harder, as they still need to sell their house.

What advice do you have for him?

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