He Screamed At His Wife After She Made Their Babysitter Cry And Fired Her For Calling An Ambulance

Caption - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Two years ago, this man and his wife hired their babysitter, Daisy, to help them out with their kids. They have a daughter and two sons, and Daisy is old enough at 16 to now watch their kids all alone and without the help of her mom.

His oldest children absolutely adore Daisy, and he’s sure his youngest son will too, but he’s only 7-months-old right now and too little to really show that, though he seems quite happy when in the care of Daisy.

On Friday, the daycare his kids go to ended up being closed to complete some revonavations, but Daisy was available to watch everyone from 3:30 to 6 pm.

As he returned home from work on Friday night, he opened the door to find his wife screaming at Daisy while Daisy sobbed and said sorry.

He questioned his wife about what on earth was happening, and she began shouting that Daisy had cost them a ton of money.

He initially thought that perhaps Daisy broke an object in their home, but his wife wouldn’t give him more information.

His wife yelled at Daisy that she wasn’t getting paid to babysit before she kicked her out of their home.

“Daisy then ran out crying, and I left my wife to calm down while I comforted my kids (they were all crying in a different room while my wife yelled at Daisy),” he explained.

“When everything had calmed down, I got the full story from my wife. So here’s what happened: My mother had been looking after the kids until 3:30 while we were at work. This was Daisy’s first time looking after my youngest son, though we knew we could trust her with the babies since she looked after my daughter alone when she was a baby.”

Caption – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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