He Screamed At His Wife After She Made Their Babysitter Cry And Fired Her For Calling An Ambulance

“Something important that you should know is that my youngest son has breath-holding episodes, which occur when he gets frustrated or is in pain, and he will just hold his breath. To stop them, you just have to blow on the baby, or they will just snap out of it on their own; they’re completely normal and relatively safe in babies.”

The episodes his son has can make his son blue or pass out, but he promises it’s normal, and his son always snaps back into it within seconds.

Anyway, his mom never told Daisy about it. His son wound up passing out, and Daisy freaked and dialed 911 before calling his wife.

His wife is furious that Daisy called 911 for what she says is no reason, and his wife is also upset they had to pay for the ambulance ride.

He and his wife got into an enormous fight, as he believes Daisy was right, but his wife clearly doesn’t agree.

“…We both said some hurtful stuff, and she is now staying with her mother for a few days while she ‘thinks over [her] priorities in the relationship,'” he said.

He’s left wondering if it was wrong of him to yell at his wife after she screamed at their babysitter, fired the poor girl, and made her cry on top of everything.

What do you think?

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