He Still Can’t Forgive His Brother For Having An Affair With His Girlfriend Three Years Ago, But His Parents Just Want Him To Get Over It

alenazamotaeva - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Three years ago, this 26-year-old man was dating C, 25, his high school sweetheart. He was devoted to her and thought she cared just as much about him. They were deeply in love and lived together. Right before Thanksgiving, he’d been helping a friend move and staying at their place for a few days. Afterward, he went to the grocery store to buy some desserts for Thanksgiving dinner.

Once he arrived home, C and her belongings were gone. When he called her, he was sent right to her voicemail. During their relationship, she usually had her location turned on, so he tried to see where she was, but her location was off.

“I checked my front door cam, and I saw my brother helping her move her things into his car and leaving with her. I then tried to call my brother, but he wouldn’t answer, either. At this point, I started to freak out and assume the worst,” he said.

At the same time, he couldn’t imagine that his brother, 23, would do something to purposely hurt him. Throughout their childhood, he and his brother had a close bond. They grew apart when he moved away to attend college, but they still got together occasionally. He always considered his brother one of his best friends in the world.

After his brother and C refused to answer his calls, he called his father and asked him to ask his mother to call his brother and put the phone on speaker when she got a hold of him. Once his mother had the phone on speaker, she asked his brother what had happened to C.

“He said, ‘She’s living with me now. She broke up with him.’ I felt numb at those words. I thought this was some kind of sick joke, so I checked his Facebook and Instagram and saw them holding each other and kissing, and I broke down. ‘Why was C doing this to me?’ was going through my head all night,” he explained.

Eventually, the shock wore off, and he was furious. He was astounded that his brother, someone he was so close to, was capable of such betrayal. Motivated by rage, he drove to his brother’s house and began pounding at the front door, screaming for his brother to let him in. However, C was the one who answered the door instead.

The moment he saw her, he burst into tears and couldn’t stop sobbing. A few moments later, his brother, who’d apparently been in the kitchen, walked over to the door and told C to go upstairs so they could talk.

That’s when he told me that they had been having an affair ever since my second year of college, and he apologized to me for it. Then, C came back downstairs and said that the reason she left me the way she did was because she was sick of pretending to love me,” he shared.

alenazamotaeva – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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