He Still Can’t Forgive His Brother For Having An Affair With His Girlfriend Three Years Ago, But His Parents Just Want Him To Get Over It

After C said this, he stared at her and realized that he didn’t even recognize her. She was not the woman he’d been in love with for so many years. It was as if she was a completely different person. Eventually, he accepted that it was a waste of time and energy to continue arguing with C and his brother, so he finally left.

Normally, he doesn’t cause drama and avoids toxic situations; in his opinion, if nothing can be changed by confronting someone or arguing with them, he’d rather just let things go. Before he left his brother’s house, he made it clear that he would be cutting communication with them then and there.

Now, he lives in California and isn’t in a relationship. Not long ago, his family got together to celebrate his father’s 49th birthday. Eventually, his brother and C, who are now married and have a baby, arrived at the party, their baby in a stroller.

Over the years, he’s been in therapy to work through the emotional struggles he endured after learning that his brother and C had been having an affair, and he feels like he’s moved on from the situation. In therapy, he accepted that there was nothing wrong with him and that the problem was with C and her poor decisions.

During the party, his brother attempted to talk to him, but he gave him the cold shoulder, continuing to converse with one of their aunts. A couple of hours later, he wasn’t even aware that C and his brother were still there because he wasn’t paying them any attention.

Later, he was walking to the basement to grab some ice cream. His brother walked downstairs after him, accidentally scaring him in the process. Visibly uncomfortable, his brother told him he was sorry for hooking up with C behind his back, but he completely ignored him and went back upstairs.

His brother didn’t try to talk to him again for the rest of the party, but the following day, his mother texted him and asked that he forgive him. In his view, his parents’ religious views were partly the reason why they’d already forgiven his brother for what he’d done. But he doesn’t want to forgive his brother because his actions have made it difficult for him to trust anyone.

Even though his brother was fully aware of how much he loved C, that didn’t stop him from hooking up with her and later marrying her. It seemed like his brother assumed he should just move on with his life, but he’s doubtful that he’ll ever be able to forgive him.

What advice would you give him?

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