He Threatened To Quit If His New Coworker Wasn’t Fired After She Wrote Rude Comments On His Facebook Posts, And Now His Coworker’s Furious About Losing Her Job

Later that night, his phone was inundated with Facebook notifications from Karen, even though they’re not friends on social media.

While his profile is private, the photos he’s tagged in are public. So, she was rapidly “laugh-reacting” to every tagged photo, all of which were of his kids.

“Karen then comments underneath a photo of my youngest (4-month-old), ‘Ew, you don’t like dogs, but you like these ugly things?’ And another comment not even 30 seconds later on a photo of my 12-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter, ‘Gross,'” he explained.

He took screenshots of Karen’s Facebook comments and blocked her. The following day, he went to work, marched into his boss’s office, and showed him the evidence of Karen’s harassing behavior on his phone.

“I tell him, ‘Either you fire her right now, or I’m gone. I refuse to be in the same workplace as this brat.’ Well, Karen just happened to walk into his office while I was there, and he immediately told her to collect the items from her desk and leave,” he shared.

In response, Karen questioned why she was being fired, and their boss gestured to the phone screenshots of her Facebook comments and told her that this was the reason.

In a rage, Karen yelled at him for ratting her out and getting her fired, adding that she was in a difficult financial situation and needed this job.

She continued, reminding him that she and her husband are going to be without a house soon, and she can’t find a job anywhere else.

Karen also accused him of making a big deal out of her actions, claiming that she only made those comments on the Facebook photos of his children in retaliation for his comments about not liking dogs.

What would you have done if you had been in his shoes?

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