He Told His Daughter She Sabotaged Herself By Applying To A Community College Instead Of A “Real School”

“I told her that she shouldn’t be asking me for my information if she was going to use it to do something that I’ve made clear I don’t support,” he said.

“She told me she thought I just meant I was against paying for it, and I told her that I had been crystal clear, she knew what I had meant, and she was being sneaky and taking the easy way out.”

Eventually, he stormed away from his daughter, and they didn’t speak for a while. She later contacted him to inform him that she used her mom’s financial information to apply to the community college and had to enroll one semester later than planned because of the whole debacle.

Then, his daughter told him that since he didn’t want to help her, she’d move in with her mom full-time.

“I told her that was ridiculous, she was being petty, and that she sabotaged herself,” he recalled.

“If she had just enrolled in a real college like I told her to, she would’ve been able to complete the paperwork without a problem. She told me she hated me and was cold and distant to me until she moved out permanently.”

He hasn’t spoken to his daughter since she started school, and now his younger kids are mentioning that they miss spending time with her at his house.

Does he owe his daughter an apology?

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