He Told His Wife She Needs To Start Earning More Money Because She Keeps Spending Frivolously And Undoing All Of His Hard Work To Save

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When you’re married, having a solid financial game plan for your everyday expenses is crucial if one spouse makes more money than the other. When you don’t have one, the marriage can fall apart. 

One man recently had to confront his wife and tell her she needed to earn more money after she’s been frivolously spending.

He and his wife both work and live in a house together. Although his wife earns a decent living in her field, he still makes around seven times more than her annual salary.

Even though he makes the most money, he still tries his best to spend it wisely and budget to keep their household afloat.

He does like to indulge in his hobbies occasionally, but he still strives to get a good deal when he does. However, his wife is a different story.

“I am not frugal, mind you, just trying to make sensible financial decisions,” he said. “I feel like all my efforts to save money are undone by her.”

His wife has been spending a large portion of her salary on things he doesn’t deem necessary, like an expensive Pilates studio membership, pricey makeup, overpriced clothes, doctors who aren’t in their insurance plan, etc.

His wife has gotten to the point where she hardly pays attention to how much money she spends daily.

While she isn’t putting them in a hole or destroying their finances completely, he worries that these habits will add up someday and doesn’t appreciate how he has to be the one to be money-conscious.

Spectral-Design – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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