Her Boyfriend Wouldn’t Stop Setting And Snoozing An Alarm For 90 Minutes Before He Really Needed To Be Up, So She Turned Off His Real Alarm And Made Him Late To Teach Him A Lesson

That’s why she decided to grab his phone and turn off his real alarm.

“To get back at him and hopefully teach him a lesson,” she reasoned.

Then, later that morning, her boyfriend ultimately was woken up by their dog, and he was half an hour late for work.

Since then, he’s been really angry at her and keeps claiming that she acted like a jerk. So now, she can’t help but wonder if turning off her boyfriend’s alarm and making him late was justified or a jerky move.

Can you understand why she got so frustrated by her boyfriend’s disregard for her own sleep? At the same time, do you think being petty was the answer? How would you have handled this? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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